Ruff knives is the home of unique high quality knives. With the emphasis on uniqueness. The blades are made from high quality Damascus steel billets obtained from Barmond International, UK. I get my blades professionally heat treated in England through a cryogenic process that also involves a vacuum post heat. The handle material used is mostly natural products sourced from the country that I am originally from – South Africa. Some of the horns, bone and ivory I use I got from animals that I hunted myself or was legally hunted and turned in to taxidermists. Not to worry. None of the ivory used is from elephants. I am a fervent conservationist and hope to see the big 5 around for a long time. I also use a large variety of hard woods from Africa including, Iron wood, Lead wood, Ebony, Mopani, Tamboti etc. My logo is applied to the knives by a laser. I send off for this.

Magical time in Africa – Sunset !!

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you find something that you like. I also have an extensive collection of knives, axes and spears from tribes all over Africa. Collected on a journey in a Landrover from Cape Town to Morocco in 2003. Feel free at ask for info on these as well.

The Prince of antelopes – KUDU !



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